Currently offering both in-person and online lessons

Studio Resources

The primary piano here is a beautiful Mason & Hamlin Model 50 professional upright, and there’s also a Roland digital piano for side-by-side (and socially-distanced) lessons. Adjustable seating and, when applicable, foot support are used to facilitate proper alignment. The studio is spacious enough to allow for plenty of “off-the-bench” learning, from multi-player note-reading games to movement-based rhythm activities.

Students have access to an extensive music lending library stocked with both standard and non-standard sheet music selections as well as many popular method series and other pedagogical materials. Tuition also includes access to studio-licensed online music subscription services. I’m regularly reviewing and adding to the library new publications that pique my interest, come with strong recommendations from other teachers, and/or help to fill the inevitable gaps in what I have to offer.

Online Lessons

In addition to in-person lessons, I offer high-quality online lessons over Zoom. Professional audio equipment, multiple camera views, and high-speed internet help to ensure that, from the teacher’s end, technology is set up to allow for a successful online lesson experience.

Piano lessons over Zoom require, at minimum, the following from the student:
• A high-speed internet connection
• The Zoom app, with “Original Sound” enabled
• An adequately-charged laptop or tablet (not phone) that is front-facing when you sit at the piano
• A webcam or adequately-charged phone/tablet/laptop positioned to the side
• Adequate lighting and not a lot of background noise
• Microphone and speakers (external or internal), each with adequate sound volume