Please note that, due to COVID-19, all lessons are currently being done online through Zoom. No in-person lessons are being offered at this time.

Studio Resources

I teach using a beautiful Mason & Hamlin Model 50 professional upright piano, my favorite upright that I’ve ever played. Adjustable-height benches — and, when appropriate, pedal extenders (foot rests with pedals) — are used to facilitate proper alignment. The studio is spacious enough to allow for plenty of “off-the-bench” learning as well, from multi-player note-reading games to movement-based rhythm activities.

Students have access to an extensive music lending library stocked with both standard and non-standard sheet music selections as well as many popular method series and other pedagogical materials. I’m regularly reviewing and adding to the library new publications that pique my interest, come with strong recommendations from other teachers, and/or help to fill the inevitable gaps in what I have to offer.

While I’m not necessarily very electronics-oriented as a piano teacher, and lessons for most students tend not to lean much on electronic technology, there is a Roland electric piano available for silent practice and/or being creative with new sounds. Studio-quality recording equipment and professional computer music software is on hand for any projects that would benefit from it, particularly creative projects.

Online Lessons

Stanek Piano Studio utilizes professional-quality audio equipment, multiple camera views, dedicated high-speed internet, and a “Pro” Zoom license to ensure that, from the teacher’s end, technology is set up to allow for a successful online lesson experience.